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         OTTO KINGGLASS Company Limited is the Thai national manufacturer, importer,

exporter and distributer of the electrical home appliances of the Kingdom of Thailand.

distribute many different kinds of merchandises such as rice cookers , convection 

ovens, electrical pans, gas stoves, blenders, induction cookers, slow cookers, pressure 

cookers , sukiyaki hotpots , grill - suki barbeque , bakery appliances and more for har-

monizing with our dearest consumers and customers’ expectations.  In 1976,  

“VORATAP ELECTRIC” company, original name, was established located in Vorajak Rd.

 Bangkok,Thailand.  At that time, electrical equipment, plug & socket, neon, ballast and

starter are the goods that the company distributed to our clients who live in Bangkok

and all over Thailand. These made the company continue moving onward.

         After that, the company achievement has been influenced by the major events

of the day - economic boom, depression, government policy, changing consumer 

lifestyles and advances in technology, however through outing and high performance

in our president’s vision changing the crisis to become the opportunities, the company

began importing the first product which is an Electric Heated Resistant GLASS Kettle 

from Taiwan.  This was the beginning of renewing our company name.  Thus the 

foundation of “OTTO KINGGLASS” was laid in 1993 with strategies through marketing

ideas by expanding the merchandises that help people get more out of life-cutting the

time spent on household chores, improving technology, enabling people to enjoy 

cooking and taking care of themselves. All these took us had become the 1st company

who has imported and distributed  ELECTRIC CONVECTION OVENS in Thailand. In a

history, Japanese electrical appliances were very expensive.  This took us to the

question how our clients could buy the electrical home appliances in a valuable price

but the same quality. For serving our clients’ satisfactions, OTTO began to expand

more different kinds of merchandises and various sizes of goods for covering clients’

expectations moreover we still considered about the quality and after sales service


         Recently, OTTO KINGGLASS has distributed many various kinds of home elec-

trical appliances and also has a great progress in every year. OTTO has paid attention

to quality management both external from our suppliers and internal investigation

before transferring the excellent quality of goods with valuable price to make the

clients feeling worth with their spending. In addition,  OTTO still continuous increasing

territories and business channels to meet our clients easily, conveniently and fast.